Residents of Peachtree Corners will soon have an accurate and objective assessment of their town’s pavement infrastructure. The City is seeking to optimize funds that have been dedicated to infrastructure management. The City contracted with Infrastructure Management Services to conduct the pavement survey.

IMS has over 30 years of experience in the field of pavement management and will be responsible for completing both an objective pavement condition survey, as well as a budget and rehabilitation analysis. 

IMS survey vehicles hit the streets in early October using their second-generation Laser Crack Measurement System (LCMS-2). The LCMS-2 is a 3D imaging sensor that collects continuous, uniformly illuminated 3D pavement imagery along with rutting and roughness measurements. 3D imagery facilitates automated crack detection and classification. The system includes:

  • 3D imagery – digital line scan cameras 
  • Uniform laser illumination – day or night 
  • 1mm longitudinal and transverse resolution 
  • Class I sensors for longitudinal profile 

The LCMS-2 will determine pavement surface distresses including load cracking, block cracking, rutting, raveling, reflective cracking, loss of section, bleeding, edge distress, and patched areas will be collected on a segment-by-segment basis, with each distress being captured by type, extent, and severity along with pavement type. The data and imagery that are collected will be linked to the City’s existing GIS data system.

Once the data has been collected, the City will create a work program using a Pavement Condition Index (PCI) that will provide road segment ratings between poor and excellent.  The PCI is determined by analyzing the pavement surface distress data provided by the survey.   The City will use the PCI data rankings to create an infrastructure work plan that will be based on actual road conditions as they currently exist.  

This data-based planning will allow the City to provide an increased level of efficiency and equitability and thus maximize the City’s budget for repairs.

The goal of IMS is to provide Peachtree Corners with the best possible data and analysis so that we can make optimal decisions when managing the infrastructure assets of the City.  

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