JTECH recently announced the launch of The Virtual Service Kiosk – a new way of helping customers directly notify staff anywhere and everywhere imaginable. The process starts with the scanning of a QR Code, so businesses can put a virtual press for service button anywhere – outside, by a pool, or in an unsecured area. Virtual Service Kiosk is also easy to implement on a large scale. You need notifications from 200 locations? Not a problem! You need communications from 100 beach chairs? QR Codes can be printed on many different materials making them weatherproof, movable and flexible.

We knew this would be a hit with guests. What surprised us is how happy it is making the staff!

What sets the Virtual Service Kiosk apart is the unique management console that allows each QR code to have up to five programmable virtual buttons. A button can be directed to send a discrete message or open a URL. While the main advantage of this solution is to bring service quickly and directly to the customer, the URL option enhances the experience and can also help to consolidate multiple QR codes into one with multiple options. Another unique aspect is the ability to set specific hours for the entire system, or to disable specific locations. Rainy day? Turn off all the QR Codes on the outdoor patio. The web-based user interface also includes analytics on each location at the QR code and button level.

The last piece of the system is what JTECH is known for…Staff Communication technology. Another recent addition to the JTECH line is the SmartCall Alert Color Paging System. The combination of four-color screens, alphanumeric text and vibe/beep options make communication simple and efficient. Each button can be programmed to send a text-based message and send a color alert for a hands-free notification.

Key Features:

  • Unlimited amount of QR Codes with up to 5 programmable virtual buttons each.
  • Easy to use and flexible management console.
  • Customized set up and programming for each scenario.
  • Integrates with all industry leading JTECH staff paging systems.
  • Works where traditional push for service electronic buttons are not feasible or practical.
  • Ideal for restaurants, hospitality, healthcare, retail and more!

JTECH an HME Company has provided staff and guest notification systems and software solutions for 35 years. As the largest onsite paging company in the world, JTECH was the first to introduce silent paging systems to the restaurant industry. We are the leading provider of onsite messaging, paging, text messaging, table location systems and software solutions for the restaurant, warehouse, retail, hospitality, pharmacy, and healthcare markets.

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