How can you give your bathroom a makeover without busting your budget? You can select a theme and add decorative touches that coordinate it with your bathroom color scheme. You can then choose shower curtains and accessories to bring your theme alive. A shower curtain is a large accent that can anchor the aesthetic of your bathroom.

Your color palette can be drawn from your curtain and matching towels will pull the whole look together. Accessories can include decorative items such as houseplants, framed art, and candles as well as toothbrush caddies, towels, and soap dishes.

You can also add pops of color with flowers and greenery. Other accessories that can brighten up your bathroom include rugs, woven baskets and wall accents.

You could also replace some hardware and fixtures like toilet tissue holders and towels. If its affordable, Replacing light fixtures and sink faucets cam also make a big impact.

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