DashStylist, a mobile in-home beauty services company, is excited to announce their partnership with Alfred, the leading resident experience and building management platform.

The partnership allows DashStylists to offer beauty services in high end residences where Alfred manages activities and services in Atlanta. DashStylists brings its expertise in at-home hair services, nails and makeup services, making it easy for residents to get what they need, without having to leave home.

DashStylists has been serving individuals through its website and app for more than a year, and recently launched a BtoB activity targeting apartment buildings, working spaces and aging care facilities. After early successes with local players, the partnership signed with Alfred is the first one of national scale.

The two companies began their collaboration with a 55+ luxury residence in Duluth. This first partnership will lead to the expansion of DashStylists to other apartment complexes in Atlanta, under Alfred’s management.

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