While the City of Auburn’s new municipal complex will be in a downtown neighborhood, one primary goal is to maintain some of its rural character with landscaping, an apiary and a Bluebird trail. It is through this lens that water management is planned for the site.

Auburn entrance
Roadways will be lined with bioswales filled with colorful plant material that also serves to absorb and filter water runoff.

Management of stormwater runoff interior to the site, will be done by carrying filtered water through underground piping to a series of 3 ponds. The ponds will serve to slow water flow and allow absorption into the ground at the base of the ponds.

The ponds will be generally dry during periods of intermittent rain, so there is opportunity to create plant growth that will look more appealing as well as serve the environment.

Harmony plan with ponds
Using a hydroseeding process, grass seed is infused into the grooves of the retaining walls,
creating a green and ‘living wall’ effect. Growing grass has already started to fill these walls, as construction continues around them.

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